Welcome to CPNSair

CPNSair is developing a new innovative AI based communications and messaging platform for the travel and aviation industry to better inform travel agents customers and airline passengers with very individual updated information about their flights and journeys, in addition to providing highly relevant and focused retail shopping and restaurant offers from their departure airport, including airport services like car parking and lounges.  

With the new CPNSair platform we can provide travel agents with their own branded channel of communications directly to their customers who have booked holidays or flights, likewise we are able to provide airlines with the direct messaging communications to individual passengers, keeping them updated about the flight, especially in the hours leading up to departure with terminal, gate details along with any adjustment to the departure time, plus relevant information about their arrival or connection airport with any onward flight information or travel advisories sent straight to their mobile phone.

What makes CPNSair different to other messaging services and existing apps is our simplicity with communications, which uses AI with intelligent SMS messages providing simple and clear information updates along with specifically targeted retail promotion and eatery offers, that both travel agents and airlines benefit from by gaining a share of any retail sales revenue that have been sold through their CPNSair branded channel via CPNSair retail and restaurant partners located at airports throughout the world.