About Us

CPNSair is a new company that was originally spun out of an aviation data and personnel tracking project that focused on Dubai and a major middle east based airline, since then we have fully utilised advanced AI technologies and a robust data and communications platform to build an intelligent application that is focused and effective in achieving its goals of being a smart and effective fully automated messaging service that runs a clever dynamic messaging timeline that customers will benefit from receiving update flight information and specially selected retail offers.

Formed by two highly experienced individuals, Paul Birchall (CEO) and Dr Saeed Afghan (CTO) CPNSair have a wealth of technology and business expertise. Bringing over 65 years innovative IT systems design, combined with a focused young team of highly skilled developers and software engineers that maintain a 24/7 robust operation.

Our business and development team have worked with some of the largest corporations and organisations on the planet, including Credit Suisse, IAEA, IBM, Petronas, Changi Airport, Dell Computers, Network Rail and British Telecom.

CPNSair works with some of the worlds leading data providers and technology companies like Microsoft and Ionos, we have strong business and governance ethics, we strive for providing excellence in our services with full compliance to strict data protection and privacy regulations like GDPR and believe in growing strong and lasting partnerships in business, with a focus on using green low carbon technologies and caring for the environment.

Our mission statement for CPNSair

“At CPNSair our business model and philosophy are clear and simple. Together we are all developing a new intelligent communications platform that for all those involved as partners and customers can benefit from. No one party should be greedy, we all respect one another, as we will all profit and gain great business advantages together… and do this with 100% transparency and do this all sustainably for the long term.”