Airport Services (Car Parking, Fast Track Security and Lounges)

If you an airport large or small, consider using the CPNSair platform to generate more revenue and sales opportunities for your airport services like car parking, fast track security and passenger lounges.

CPNSair with our branded travel agent channels can promote and direct customer traffic directly to your airport services website so air travellers are able to book in advance your airport services with the minimum of fuss

Remember we know in advance the air travellers who are going to be using your airport, so take advantage of sending your service offers directly to them and look to increase your revenues, all for very little cost.

If your airport offers other services like home bag collection for pre-check-in travellers or new innovative services, then consider using CPNSair channel messaging as a highly effective means of cleverly targeting these services to air travellers that are going to be flying from your airport.

Should you wish to discuss the business opportunities or look at partnering with CPNSair, then please contact us on +44 (0)161 509 2396 or email