Restaurants and Eateries at Airports

If you are a brand restaurant, eatery or coffee house located in airport terminals, then CPNSair will bring a new business sales opportunities to you with the potential to increase sales revenues by attracting more airline passengers to your venue, by engaging with them even before they arrive at the airport.

Currently airport airside located restaurants and eateries have few methods of attracting new business, often working on the principle of having a captive passenger audience and doing your best to gain your potential customers’ attention, has been the guiding rule, but is that the future, when those potential customers are more discerning in their choice of foods given the changing trends today.

Of course, some passengers will just want a quick snack or beverage before their flight, but others especially more discerning passengers are seeking a good quality food or dining experience ahead of their travels, with many airport restaurants now competing for this lucrative market of customer.

CPNSair now offers all restaurants and eateries the opportunity to sell your brand to the right profile of customers that you are seeking, even before they step foot in the airport, allowing you to give advance knowledge of your brand offerings, perhaps special meal or menu offers or promotions for couples or families. Whatever your target marketing desires are, CPNSair can reach many potential customers ahead of their travels, allowing them to plan extra time to spend in your restaurant or eatery ahead of their flight, by forward planning and enjoying the dining experience rather than it being rushed or seen as an afterthought or last minute on impulse.

Like many we feel that eating and dining should be pleasurable part of the customers whole travel experience, more international airports are providing a wealth of food and cuisine options, with a range of restaurants and eateries that cater for virtually type of passenger.

“Airports are a microcosm of mainstream retail, including F&B. Key drivers for airport F&B in 2020 will undoubtedly revolve around good, sustainable food, a more localised approach to dining, and new innovative partnerships.”

“Together, these have the opportunity to really enhance the consumer experience, highlighting airports as retail destinations in their own right.”

Let CPNSair prove the power of directly engaging with your potential customers at airport locations, perhaps even linking into your own website or digital services, we can offer pre-bookings too. See what new business opportunities and increased revenues this could bring, not just for one restaurant venue, but potentially all your restaurant venues at every airport in the world.

Why not talk to us about trialling CPNSair for you company or brand.

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