Airport Terminal Located Retailers

If you are a brand or local retailer located in airport terminals, then CPNSair will bring a new business sales opportunity to you with the potential to increase sales revenues by attracting airline passengers even before they arrive at the airport.

Currently airport located retailers have just one method of attracting business, that is trying to tempt passengers into their stores to purchase products, by making stores most appealing, likewise with restaurants and eateries. Really working on the principle of having a captive passenger audience and doing your best to gain your potential customers’ attention, has been the guiding rule, but is that the future, when those potential customers are more discerning and have a whole digital world of distraction in their hands… their mobile phones.

But what if things in future could be different…

What if, you knew ahead of time how many passengers (potential customers) would be coming through the terminal that month, week, day or even hour. What if your brand had already communicated and engaged with many of those airline passengers even before they arrived at the airport to interest them in your products?

Then, what if, you already had received definite interest of your products or promotional offers from those potential customers? Do you think that would give you a competitive advantage and provide an opportunity to increase your sales revenues? We can easily link CPNSair into your online select, reserve and collect services

What then, if you could directly communicate with potential customers, not just in one terminal or one airport, but every airport around the world where your brand is located?

What if CPNSair could provide your company/brand with a real-time visual data dashboard, showing how many CPNSair platform users would be in any airport terminal that month, week, day, hour, also giving you a smart guide to their product interests and likely spending power.

Providing your brand/store with a warm lead or possibly definite sale opportunities.
Would that be considered as part of the future for airport retailing?

As a result, retailers have to work harder to create a point of difference and a reason to purchase, while it’s important for them to work out how they can draw customer attention.

As a result, we’re getting much more engaging, better sales staff, active brand ambassadors, promotion of exclusive product lines, as well as country-specific products unique to the destination. Technology will be key in improving customer experience

“The best way to summarise is to realise that travel retailers and airports must really know their passengers. Only then can they customise their offerings to meet the needs of their customers. The only way they can access this information and tailor their offerings toward their customers is by using an omnichannel approach to travel retail.
SHANE FINLAY, chief value adviser for retail at SAP UK

The CPNSair platform can provide what we call “forward projecting” which is essentially actual data of not just passenger numbers for any forward looking period (hour, day, week, month), but also provide detailed marketing information about those CPNSair users, so retail brands can communicate directly with these actual potential customers ahead of them arriving at the airport.

For example, imagine a high-class jeweller brand directly communicating with hundreds or thousands of first/business class passengers flying to New York from London Heathrow, offering them a very special discount on a newly launch luxury watch, but only for the month of March.
With CPNSair, you can do just that, and also report back in real-time, the actual interest shown in any promotional offer, even pre-ordering for collection if that is desired.

CPNSair gives airport retailers and restaurants, a new powerful marketing tool to target and communicate directly and intimately with individual potential customers in a way you have not had previously, simply because the way CPNSair works is different from other communications platforms and mediums.

We like to think of CPNSair as another “tool in the box” for airport retailers and restaurants to use in addition to all the present other communications methods, be that email marketing, social media campaigns, apps or traditional adverting. CPNSair is another communications layer, with its true power in having actual accurate airport passenger data from actual flight bookings, so with our AI technologies we know a great deal of information about all CPNSair users that are travelling through airport terminals every day, where your shops and stores are located.

We fully understand that you already have comprehensive marketing data available from many sources, including airports, airlines and your company’s own historical data, but the magic is not just looking at past data trends, but looking into the future on a continuous basis at actual future projected passenger data, not just past forecasts.

With CPNSair, you can plan sales promotions and campaigns around forward looking data, know which hours, days, even flights are the best to focus your resources on with known people that have already shown an interest in your products… that could be part of the future for airport retailing.

With CPNSair, your company/brand can be a part of that too. Why not talk to us about trialing CPNSair with your company?

If you want to know more about CPNSair then please do contact us on +44 (0)161 509 2396 or email