Travel Agents

CPNSair Communications Platform Service

Travel Agents (OTA & Shops)

CPNSair is a new secure automated communications platform running on Microsoft Azure that has been designed to use the latest smart AI and data communications technologies to provide new business opportunities and revenue streams to travel agents worldwide.  

The CPNSair business model is simple and innovative yet provides win win business opportunities shared by all the parties involved that subscribe to CPNSair. For travel agents and airlines, it can provide a brand new and growing revenue stream, by gaining access to retail sales commissions that they have never previously had. The benefit for airport located retailers is in gaining advanced interest in products from selected air passengers, CPNSair will even know well in advance, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis how many passengers will pass through airport terminals that could be potential customers for airport retailers and restaurants.

What’s more, we know and understand quite a bit about these air travellers as individuals and will already have directly engaged with many of them before they even arrive at the airport.

So how does it work? CPNSair can provide travel agents with a branded communications channel, so your customers will see all messaging and communications coming only from your company brand.

The process works by travel agents providing a small amount of data from customers’ flight or holiday bookings, but only from customers that have opted-in to the CPNSair service by means of tick box authorisation on your booking website or shop booking system. This process has been designed to be in full compliance with GDPR and PECR regulations and contains very little personal information which is securely held on your company servers or in our Microsoft Azure CPNSair database application.

From here CPNSair’s automated platform handles all messaging and communications with your customers for travel and flight information through to retail promotional offers and travel advisories for individual customers, all based on our dynamic timeline for their flight departure and return flight home.

Although many travel agents provide direct digital communications with customers using email, apps, social media or chat, CPNSair can provide an additional important layer of highly relevant and practical information to individual customers, that is designed to be helpful and informative during their journey, especially concerning their air travel.

Once the initial set-up is complete, CPNSair does all the work for you with messaging to back office administration, including paying your company your share of retail sales commissions every month.

 Every travel agent subscribing to CPNSair will have their own dedicated dashboard which displays real-time information about all SMS messaging traffic, retail sales commissions due and comprehensive statistical data and reports on your customers, all in a real-time.

If you want to know more about CPNSair then please do contact us on +44 (0) 161 509 2396 or email